Get a Loan
After depositing your collateral, you can borrow against it (take out a loan) based on how much it is valued.
Be careful with your loans, watch your Health Factor to avoid Liquidations.
Here's a quick tutorial on how to borrow:
Press the borrow button at the bottom center after depositing at least 1 NFT as collateral.
Borrowing USDC
Enter the amount you want to borrow, paying attention to the LTV and the health factor.
Borrowing USDC
Once finished you will be able to see how much you have borrowed and what your health factor is.
Borrowed USDC
To withdraw the collateral or avoid liquidation, you will have to press the repay button and repay the loan.
Repaying Loan
Enter the amount you want to repay and click on repay.
Repaying loan
Now if you have repaid all the loan you can withdraw your NFT.
Repaid the loan
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